This was interesting stop.  We booked an excursion through Roatan Cruise Excursions/Island Marketing taking us to West Bay Beach for the day.  I’d read reviews from people raving about the beach, saying it’s one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean.  It was 45 minute drive to get there from our cruise terminal, on some of the worst roads I’ve seen; “potholes” is really inadequate to describe it. Our driver often had to slow down to barely a crawl to navigate the holes in the road.  Driving across the island, it was very sad to see the level of poverty in Honduras–there were parts of St. Lucia I had thought were bad, but Roatan made St. Lucia look luxurious.

When we finally arrived at West Bay Beach, it was a bit of a let down.  Maybe it was because of the cloudy weather, but the water wasn’t the sparkling blue I’d expected.  And the beach was jam-packed because of all the other cruisers in port that day. It was still a very nice beach day and I hear that the snorkeling/diving is incredible, though we decided to skip snorkeling this trip.

Our excursion included sun loungers, access to facilities at The Beach Club, and one free drink per person.



For only five bucks we got two fresh coconuts from this guy. It was worth it just to watch him wield that knife!




This was our seating area–the beach isn’t very wide so they really jam in the loungers.


It was fun watching the ship dock at Roatan–it’s a narrow space for a massive ship to come into and there’s a shipwreck not far. In this pic you can see the shopping area which was predictable but nice.





2 thoughts on “Roatan

  1. Thanks for all the info. We leave on the Caribbean Princess in two weeks. Definitely gets me excited! Pictures are great.

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