The first stop on our cruise was Cozumel, where we had perfect weather.  A lot of the excursions offered in Cozumel were for all-inclusive beach days, but we had enough food and drink on the ship and weren’t really interested in water sports this time.  We decided to take a cab to Playa Palancar, a quiet beach with no entrance fee.  They have free beach loungers to use so we just found a seat, ordered margaritas, relaxed and swam.  The water was better than I expected—quite clear and calm.  There were a lot of ships in port that day, so the beach did fill up but it still had a low-key vibe and was mostly adults.

There is also a lot of good shopping in Cozumel—we were still burnt-out on shopping from Christmas, but if you’re looking for plentiful shops this is a nice stop for it.


There were so many beautiful shells like these just lying on the sand.


And there were peacocks roaming around.





This is at the port shopping area:


A Carnival ship docked so close to us you could have a conversation across balconies! We were on the pool deck in the afternoon and could here a band playing on Carnival as clear as if it were on our ship.



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