Texas Hill Country Weekend

My dad turned 80 this month, and to celebrate we spent a family weekend in Johnson City, Texas. I’m the youngest of my siblings, who are spread across the country from California to Pennsylvania, and I rarely get to see all of my family at once. So it was nice to have all my brothers and sisters together as well as a good number of nieces and nephews and in-laws.

To accommodate about 25 people, we rented a large house and one smaller house that I found on homeaway.com. Both homes are on a property called Lighthouse Hill Ranch.  Renting a home is such a great alternative to a hotel, especially for gatherings like this where you can save money by cooking your own meals.


Here’s the road leading up to the Lighthouse. It was very remote and private, with the occasional horse or cow blocking the road!IMG_3873

This is the main house on the property, the “Lighthouse.” From the top is a beautiful 360 degree view of the area.IMG_1714

Right next to the house was a basketball/tennis court. This area was all gated, exclusively for guests of the house.IMG_1712

Pretty doors at the home’s front entrance.IMG_1707


Here’s the view of the house from the back, where they have an infinity edge swimming pool, hot tub, gas fire pit, and grill.IMG_1698


You can’t see it in this pic, but there’s a slide that goes down into the lower level pool.IMG_1230


There was a second fire pit a little away from the house where we toasted marshmallows for s’mores.IMG_1713

This was shot from the top viewing area of Lighthouse.IMG_3877

A couple of the horses that roamed around near the house.IMG_3882IMG_1697

View of the sunset from the pool area behind the house.IMG_1690

This was the second, smaller house that we rented just for the extra sleeping space. It was about two miles away from the main house and not nearly as nice, but it was clean and adequate.IMG_3895

Another beautiful Texas sunset.IMG_3898


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