Camille is an event planner based in Texas. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling the world with her husband, focusing on relaxing vacations and finding great travel deals.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Camille,
    Enjoyed reading your comments about the Royal so I went on to view your pictures. Thank you for taking the time to post. I enjoyed your blog so much I read everything from beginning to the end. 🙂 You have gone to some lovely places. We were recently in Ireland and Scotland and it reminded me how beautiful our own seaside can be. We will be going to Mendocino for Valentines weekend. We live in Southern CA but have dear friends in N. CA so we get the chance to visit them ( and Napa) usually 1-2 times a year.
    I loved the pictures of the road to Hana because I’ve never had the time to make the drive. Having always stopped in Maui only for a day ( cruising) just never wanted to risk missing the ship. We plan on cruising again to Hawaii this March with friends, maybe this will be the time to make the drive? It looks so beautiful.
    The photos of Asheville and the Biltmore where outstanding. We went there a few years ago and have always wanted to go back in the fall ( or better yet at Christmas time)…
    Again, thank you for all your lovely pictures.

  2. Hi Lauri, so glad you enjoyed the photos! I would love to go to Ireland– haven’t been there but it’s on the to-do list : ) Hope you get to do the Road to Hana, it’s really incredible! Maui is one of my favorite places.

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