Paris Apartment Rental

I’ve already sung the praises of our cozy little apartment we rented in Paris—it was a great value, conveniently located, and had a charming Parisian feel. As much as I do love luxurious hotels, I think staying in an apartment provided an entirely different vacation experience.

Our apartment was in a very quiet residential neighborhood. We were the only vacation renters in our building and at night it was so quiet it was hard to believe we were in the middle of a big city. During the day the main sounds we heard were the bells from the nearby church and children playing in a park behind our building.

Because we cooked a lot of our own meals, every day we would drop by the boulangerie down the block for a fresh baguette. We visited cheese and chocolate shops, and tried to act like we weren’t clueless at the grocery store, reading labels in French.

Having a “home” to come back to also made us feel like it was okay to not spend every minute sight-seeing. We’d usually return to our apartment for a little while each afternoon to escape the cold, make coffee, and rest our feet.

I’m sure there are tons of charming Paris hotels and I’d love to stay at one some time for different Paris experience. But for this trip, I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect place to stay!

I found this apartment by searching through, but the rental company is called Paris Perfect.


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